Why Ninja?

I’ve been asked this question before.

Especially by people that knew me before I was on the show. It all comes down to having Adventures. It may be surprising but I wasn’t always so gung ho on trying everything under the sun. I was the kid who got in trouble for reading too much in school. I once made it my mission to watch as many new movies as I could in a summer, ending up with 160 and following it up with 80 more that winter break. While this doesn’t seem connected to sky diving, rock climbing, and the worlds hardest obstacle course, in the end it really is.

I was craving Adventure. And we are here to help you be ready for yours.
Adventure is core to my story and the story of this gym. It’s not just a name. It’s a promise. We promise to not only be an adventure when you are in the building, but that we are preparing you for adventures in every part of your life. We know we are doing this, not only improving the movement of your body but the flexibility of your mind. We feel that there are three things you need to get better at this sport.

You need to become stronger, which doesn’t mean lifting bigger weights, or throwing things further, but being more capable. From strengthening your grip, which is useful now for Cannon Ball Alley, and well into old age, to upping our balance game, for the teeter totter and every day use, you are getting stronger for challenges both in and out of the gym.

You need to learn technique. While a lot of practices get us ready to move in the way specific to that sport, we feel that ninja helps us in countless ways out side of it. From converting Quad step beta into better skating, or slack line helping keep us prepared for uneven footing in every day life, we think that this sport isn’t just training your body, but it is also training your mind.
You need to over come fear. So many of the movements we are trying are scary. Laches ask us to throw ourselves from bar to bar, and there is a huge mental and emotional shift when we can learn that we aren’t just falling, we are flying! Competitions have us performing in front of crowds, and hopefully that pressure helps harden us for other challenges in life.

So why ninja? Because ninja is life at it’s most extreme. Ninja is a thousand adventures, rolled into one. And we want you to be the hero of your own story, ready for any plot your are thrown into.

Briggs Schneider

Chief Extra Officer At Adventure Fitness TN

Briggs Schneider