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From the Practice:

Everyday Superhero Training is a holistic personal training, group fitness, and overall wellness program taught through the modalities of a superhero. What is holistic personal training? Being holistic, or wholistic, simply means that we look at and pay attention to your WHOLE life. Not just the number on a scale, or the bulge of a bicep. Don't get us wrong, the bulge of your biceps are absolutely things we help you build towards, if that's your jam, but the process of getting your clothes to fit differently, or look differently in the mirror is done by looking at all of your habits, your current lifestyle, your work, your school, your anxieties, and your phobias. This helps you FEEL results in areas outside of the gym faster, and builds your results to be sustainable. What are the modalities of a superhero? If you have seen it in a movie training montage, or watched some one use a piece of equipment and gone “that looked bad ass!” Chances are we teach you how to play with it. We say play because we want to tap into your childhood and let it run full on into having a blast while learning how to lift weight, move efficiently, eat all the food, and not take yourself too seriously.


What we love: The judgement free, fun, and interesting environment. Julian and Lydia work to make sure the movement makes sense, and makes sense for you. Plus who doesn't want to rock out and crush a work out while listening to some epic Super Hero Jams


What to Expect: A combination of well coached lifting, movement cue, and agility training.  

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