BreedLove Yoga


what is BreedLove Yoga?

Yoga taught in the tradition of Hatha yoga style, BreedLove Yoga is a practice designed to be approachable and accessible to all fitness levels. BreedLove yoga takes pride in working with those with an active lifestyle, as well as those recovering from injury.
With services such as Slow Flow, Restorative Yoga, and Reiki , BreedLove yoga will help you with the daily aches and pains as well as help you find new heights in your current personal practice.

What to expect in a normal class-

Slow Flow- An active practice consisting of standing and seated postures, in addition to laying poses.

Restorative Yoga- A practice in which postures are held for longer periods of time, up to 10 minutes, supported by props.

Reiki- Hands on healing art, which is offered complimentary as a part of the above practices.

Session Cost: $15 +Tax

Book by Text, Call, or Email

Text/ Call: 615-332-1387


This is a service provided by Ashley Breedlove, separate from our Main Curriculum, but is available to members through our Partnership Program, more info available at the Front Desk of Adventure Fitness.