Example Intro Lesson


Our intro lesson is designed to get your training kick started, and give you the tools needed to have successful, fun and safe practice. We will take you through four categories of obstacles. The individual obstacles may change day to day but we will always cover the basic concepts.

This lesson is complimentary and suggested at the beginning of your first open gym with us including private open gyms like our birthday parties and private events.



We will start off with our quad steps, learning to apply agility to our movements.


Next we will lean our ring toss, to work upper body control.

Slack Line.jpg


After that we will do our slack line to learn balance and the importance of body symmetry.


We will move on to our lache bars, prioritizing learning the proper movement and landing patterns.


Warped Wall

Finally we will tackle the warped wall! On this we will use a training method to ensure safety and personal advancement rather than comparing out selves to others.