Briggs Schneider

Here in Nashville I am know for many things. You might catch me swing dancing on a Friday, doing acro yoga on a Wednesday, or just having any sort of adventure any other day of the week. It hasn't always been that way. In November of 2012 I was a just a guy who spent more time than should have seen humanly possible at the local climbing gym. Since setting up Team Nash I have taken on quite a few new hobbies and plenty of jobs. My hope is that I can turn my need to try new things, and my desire to teach others into a career. 

I see my home town of Nashville at a tipping point. I saw first hand as a restaurant manager how that industry is exploding. Just as the food industry here was at a prime time to strike ground in the last few years, all of the new residents and tourists are looking like great new clients to bring into gyms. As they look around and search for something new and cool, trying out a variety of classes, I feel that  we have a winner with out team and concept.

As a ninja warrior Vegas finalist and a qualifier for the National Ninja League finals, I have spent a lot of time with our community. It we can foster half of the amazing good will I have seen out on the road, we are going to make Nashville and even more amazing place.



Chris Boehm

My name is Chris Boehm, and I am a 27-year-old energy engineer who lives just outside Nashville, TN, with my wife, two dogs and a cat. I started training for ninja warrior in October of 2013 when I found the Team Nash ninja warrior Facebook page. I went out there, and to my surprise, I completed five or six obstacles that night! It took me five tries to get up the warped wall, and from there, I was hooked. I built some ledges in my garage and began completely changing my workouts. 

I've always been athletic, playing sports growing up, but as an adult with a full-time job, I needed more than the weights gym or club league sports could offer. Finding hot yoga in 2011 was a good step in the right direction. It was something difficult, different and fun. In 2013, ANW season 5, the show began exploding, and I knew there had to be others around who had at least built a salmon ladder. Little did I know I was 45 minutes away from the largest backyard course in the country (at the time).

I didn't get chosen for ANW 6, but I tested the course that year in St. Louis. This was a great experience for me and was the beginning of my athletic adjustment to training specifically for ANW all the time. Every workout I do now helps prepare me for the ninja course. I quit my membership at the boring weight lifting gym, built more stuff in my garage and began training at my local calisthenics gym,Nashville Strength Co. I've never been in better shape or happier with my fitness routine. These days I'm training hard five-six times a week.

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